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OCR / ICR Services: Optical Character Recognition

Comprehensive OCR- ICR processing services from Outsource Data Processing

With regard to any of your OCR processing requirements or ICR processing requirements, Outsource Data Processing can provide the most effective and affordable solutions. Our OCR-ICR processing team can aptly and accurately edit and correct the OCR and ICR files or documents. We have been a leader in the OCR processing as well as the ICR processing field.

With thorough OCR cleanup and ICR cleanup, we have helped our clients create the most accurate digital text files of all your printed as well as handwritten documents.

OCR services read virtually every kind of printed text such as:

  • Digits
  • Symbols
  • Uppercase letters
  • Lowercase letters
  • Accented letters
  • Punctuation

With frequent trainings and skill up-gradation tactics, we have been able to set high standards with regard to OCR-ICR processing services. All of the clients have applauded our stringent procedures followed in OCR cleanup and ICR cleanup.

We can scan any of your printed or handwritten documents and, using OCR and ICR technologies and our OCR-ICR processing services, convert those documents into the most accurate text files.

Some of the features of our medical data processing services have been listed below:

  • All inclusive and feature packed OCR-ICR processing services
  • Highly skilled professionals who have considerable experience in catering to OCR processing as well as ICR processing requirements
  • We will manually compare the original document with the digital file to check for complete accuracy
  • Highly economical OCR cleanup as well as ICR cleanup services
  • We have always been delivering OCR-ICR processing services in a time bound manner

As we have been delivering the most professional and world class OCR-ICR processing services at very affordable rates, we have been helping our clients save valuable time and money, and thereby improve their business efficiency.

OCR document processing methods in various formats:

  • Checks with OCR
  • Full text with OCR
  • Indexing using OCR
  • Barcode recognition
  • Hand-written text with ICR

For OCR cleanup and ICR cleanup, the clients have to just contact us to utilize our quality OCR-ICR processing services. And, we will effectively provide quick and quality OCR processing and ICR processing services to accommodate your requirements.

Our OCR & ICR processing services can be utilized in a wide range of your data capture requirements that include:

  • Insurance forms
  • Medical forms
  • Banking forms
  • Bill Remittance forms
  • Survey forms
  • Bounded books
  • Directories
  • Magazines and Periodicals

To, know more about our affordable OCR services and ICR processing services, please Contact us. For more information about our OCR-ICR processing services, or for accurate OCR cleanup services and ICR cleanup services.


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